Do You Still Have That Place On Saturn?

Struck us as a good question. Somebody asked CSN at work. The answer was yes. You get wrapped up in Saturn. We do, and we’re hanging on to our place despite the cost. Despite the long commute. It can take years to get there depending on the conditions and the route you take, but we don’t care.  It’s worth it.

We like Saturn. It’s super quiet and usually there’s not a lot of people around if that’s what you want. There’s a lot of rain in the winter but that’s no surprise. It’s helium rain which makes your voice go kind of funny so that’ s different. Singing in the helium rain.  Meet you in the helium rain.

There’s a store on Saturn but it can take a long time to get anywhere on a massive gas giant so we don’t bother much. Some people find the lack of conveniences a bit inconvenient. We pack for a long vacation because there’s no choice. It can be tough to get the time off but we work it out.

We wouldn’t dream of selling Saturn. Even if we wanted to buyers can be hard to find. A lot of people don’t like the travel and it’s true, the price of fuel and transportation have gone way up the last few years. Some people talk about building a bridge but that’ll never happen. It’d be too expensive.

Saturn courtesy NASA

This shot was taken just as we were coming in Tuesday night.  We were finally getting back to our old Saturn home.

Always a lot of dusting and cobwebbing to do first getting in.  That’s okay because once you’re here time kind of stretches out.  No big rush to get on with your projects if you don’t especially feel like it right away.  A year on Saturn’s nearly 30 years long.  You can waste time like anything and still have plenty left.  People on Saturn tend to be in for the long haul. It comes with the territory.  We’re fine with that.




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