Sunset Boulevard

This’ll be a cinch. The glamour-puss of the island. Straight as a dye, it’d make a beautiful drag strip except there’s no speeding in a school zone and there’s the school right there.

And with the fumes and noise and the crowds and the close proximity of dwellings on either side of the Boulevard, well, people would be up in arms. Maybe even calling in the MLA and of course the RCMP’d have to row over from Pender and oh Lordy, what an upset there’d be. Never going to happen.

We may have here the tiniest boulevard on the planet and that is just typical of the extremes things will get to on these islands. Things can become magnified. Some would say out of proportion sometimes. Others’d say, nah, let’s really look into it, down to every last little detail like a highly qualified miniaturist. That’s because it’s so easy to concentrate here.

You can concentrate all day if you want and probably nobody’ll stop you because they’re too busy concentrating on what they’re doing. You have to pay attention if you want to get things over. And that’s not just on Sunset Boulevard.

I know nothing of the provenance of “Sunset Boulevard”. Ignorance is bliss. If not bliss then in this case it doesn’t matter all that much to me. You don’t need to know about everything. What I don’t know other people do so the story is safe somewhere. But it isn’t hard to see why it’s called what it is.

And somebody was having their little joke because I’ve been down Sunset Boulevard in the City of the Angels and it isn’t anything like this. Seen the movie too. I also know about the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

This boulevard is just a cute little sportif boulevard. It’s a pretend boulevard almost, but not pretentious. And that quality will take you a long way wherever you’re going.

But it’s not pretend to the people who live on it, of that I have no doubt. We used to know somebody who lived on Sunset Boulevard but he moved out and the house was torn down because it had been declared unfit for human habitation. Imagine.

Condemned to die, the little house succumbed without a fight. Too bad, but I think it had something to do with it sinking in quicksand or the water table had risen or something. I  know zero about water tables or what that even is. Sounds kind of contradictory.  I mean how can water be a table? it’d be a disaster. And the old house was just too decrepit in general and I guess it was time to pull the plug. Get it out of here.

The house, like any old house, would have had a lot of history of a whole earlier era that would have been very different than the way things are today. Our friend and his cat were its last occupants in what was a long line.  We salute them.

So at last we come to the sunset on Sunset Boulevard. It’s confession time. I’ve never seen it. I haven’t experienced the intense, fiery sun going down on Sunset Boulevard. Not even once, I’m ashamed to say. I need to get down there sometime and will get down there sometime at the appropriate hour. It’s something that’s out there for me and I mean to collect.

Strolling down the boulevard in the blistering sunset, keeping to the shoulder of course, facing oncoming traffic to the dazzling water’s edge, you just know that’s got to be a great experience. Unless of course it’s raining. Like it is right  now. Pouring. In that case you can make it another time.