Boot Cove

Triangle Cove is more like it. That’s what it looks like from space. And you have to look hard or you’ll miss it. Kind of an off-kilter isosceles down there, Chuck. Copy Bill. That is one strange looking little triangle. Wow, this is great. Here comes Thailand already. Cool.

I get it I get it. Boot Cove is named after Rear Admiral Solomon Dayrolles Boot, RN. It’s got nothing to do with geometric forms or boots or any other crazy idea. And it was only the Britishers anyway that gave it that name. This place had lots of names before old Dayrolles came along. Still does matter of fact.

In another part of the playground and from one angle Boot Cove does or could resemble a boot or an overshoe which undoubtedly contributes to the misunderstanding. It was never going to be called Overshoe Cove.  That would  be just plain silly, but lots of things are silly.  In fact it might be nice if more things were.

I believe my people called Boot Cove shelter from the storm. I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there. In fact as a human being I was barely formed. They were looking for a home away from home for a long time. They finally found one on Boot Cove even if they had to build it themselves.

Had it built for themselves, that is.  With their bare hands builders ripped and clawed and hacked a patch out of the rather precipitous slope then got together the wood they needed and proceeded to go completely nuts.  Don’t you just love happy endings? But it was just the start.

I wasn’t there for the ending either but again, as with all things, it became a beginning for somebody else.  In fact I didn’t appear until years later.  I became a guest in a special world with a type of people new to me in whose company I became privileged  to walk.  And the day those people accepted me as one of their own was the greatest day of my life.  So good.  So heartwarming.

The patch of ground and the dwelling have remained largely the same, nestled into the bank just off the road so’s you’d hardly notice.  Sweet.

Boot Cove, as all coves aspire to be, is almost always very calm. It’s a great place to calm down if you’re feeling agitated which is good medicine in any language. That’s why people like to come here and also why people like to stay here, some of them for as long as possible.

Forever’s a long time though. You also have to be in the right mood for Boot Cove. You might not like it at all. Steep banks rise up right from the water, there’s almost no shoreline and you can get lost on the East Point Road–Boot Cove Road–Payne Road merry-go-round until you just want to throw up. What’s the address again of this place we’re looking for?

But once the sense of failure subsides and you’ve finally landed your stay, no matter how long, can become quite interesting. There’s nothing trivial in nature.

Seclusion is the thing around here.  You’re not all that secluded but you feel secluded.  Like being in your own little world.  At least you don’t feel excluded. There’s not a whole lot going on and even if there is it can all seem kind of far away.  They have theirs, you have yours.  And someday maybe you’ll get invited!

Boot Cove is part of the old island. It looks like it’s been around too. Especially the place my friend was staying in. It needed a housekeeper which my friend is definitely not. I could see the dreams that had gone into the place and imagined the kind of impression it would have made when it was new. I always look to see if the place is here and it always is.