Valley Drive

How can you just go driving past the enticingly named “Valley Drive”. It’s easy. I’ve done it and anybody can. Many times. Secretly I wish I knew what valley we’re talking about. This one? I’m in a valley here? It’s not a big one like the Fraser or Shenandoah. I’d use an iron off the tee.

I haven’t played a lot lately so how about a four iron? You can’t see the green from the tee but it can’t be far away from the look of things, so it’s one of those valleys. I played Thompson Park and it was like that. But what really happened is Thompson Park played me.

The Park’s a tough course and this wasn’t looking any easier. After everything that had been going in my life I didn’t want anything like the Park happening to me again. I was shriven. It was six over. Disgrace. How would I face my critics this time?

I can’t bring my car down here. I feel like an intruder. I left it in a ditch opposite Sunset Boulevard. I don’t know what happened. It just drove itself in there. I’m not much on autonomous vehicles. Their time, which seemed barely begun, is already winding down. My opinion. Worry about it later.

Maybe Derm can dig it out, the mythical mechanic, if such a man actually exists and can be found, which, in the past, has proved impossible. I mean we tried. We tried to find the brother but he just wasn’t around. And after a while it didn’t look like he was going to be around. We had to get to the store or die. Great looking garage.

He could probably do something with that chain of his. The man is legend. And the heritage moment would be worth it, like finally coming up with something instead of the usual nothing. Or what seems like nothing until you think about it.. So I’m wandering down looking for answers. I need them today. If I don’t get some answers I don’t know what I’m going to do. I need something to hang onto here.

Frankly, and I don’t know how people feel about this, it looked to me like Valley Dr was more like a trail. Wagon cart yes. Driving the drive for a nice excursion roaming round the valley and taking in the views on a fine day in your shiny new “Fiesta” no. No no no. One car is too many, as the old man said, and a thousand aren’t enough. I always hoped he’d stop saying silly things like that but he never listened. I hated it. Wait a minute.

We’re getting off topic. Valley. Drive. We’re on the Drive here and look at all the grass. I guess part of my thing is how things used to be and all of the influences across the span of my life and how things are now. Let me displain that for you. This way to your table.

Things change. Can you imagine if everything always stayed the same? Chaos. It comes as a great relief to me that there isn’t a soul in this valley, such as it is. It’s lazy of me but I like it this way because it’s less complicated. I think it was Alice Munro who spoke of, “the pain of human contact.”

I hear something. I’m on a fool’s errand. No. That rustling sound through the long grass. What is it? A friendly dog! Merciful hounds! What is going on here with this magnificent hairy, tail-wagging beast? What is this?

It’s like a brick of burning rainbow. The radiant beast I seek.  It’s just ahead. The apotheosis of cliché. What’s up with that hound? I imagined he was leading me on but he’s disappeared back into the grass. I never thought it’d be like this. If I can get through this I can get through anything. Onward.

Lipstick Lichen Courtesy CS Nicol