Valley Road

That’s funny. I thought it was “Valley Dr” instead of “Valley Rd”. It’s one of the drawbacks of remote sensing, or no sense at all. What else have I got wrong? How embarrassing. My credibility’s in the dumper. And all because of a simple slip-up and because I’m a man.

I could have asked somebody or checked with somebody.  But guys don’t ask for directions because it implies to their fragile little egos that there’s something they don’t know or aren’t absolutely 100% sure about. And that can be devastating to one’s fragile little ego.  I can’t have people doubting me even though they do occasionally. And should. Absolutely should because a man is a doubtful, doubtful creature. It’s worth repeating. Man needs to be watched. I don’t know about woman because I’ve never been one. I know a man who became a woman but that’s about as far as I’ve got. I’m satisfied with that.

And an entire island sinks beneath the sea because of something I’ve done. Imagine the guilt. Terrible.

So, sorry about that mix-up. I like to think it won’t happen again, but it could. Because there’s another thing I’ve learned. Man is fallible. Man has a whole list of things to be concerned about. Maybe not concerned about but mindful of. It’s excellent to be mindful. It’s like measure twice cut once. Brevity is the soul  of wit.