Acorn Lane


My stock is up and it’s got nothing to do with “Acorn Lane”. Yeah, what a name for a lane or anything else. Lanes are horrible. They’re lanes. What are you supposed to do in a lane? What can you do? What you can do is almost nothing. Turn around, maybe? Try to get out of here? You’re lost and just don’t know where you are? That’s enough questions. Maybe that’s what lanes are for. I never thought of it like that. This is cool.

I was thinking of fabled, well-storied “Salal Road” a moment ago and how there’s no salal anywhere around there. And that put me back in that place where Saturna is worse than Ireland.

You’re getting the gears everywhere. Of course, there’s no acorns on Acorn Lane. Everybody knows that. That was the intention the whole time. Ever since the name went in. It’s like “Saint Kevin’s Parade” in Dublin. It barely exists.  There’s no Saint Kevin and no parade. Search in vain. But once you get used to the idea, you kind of like it. I do too. Or should that be, “Me as well.” I wish I knew.

It’s nice here and I also think again, “How do they do this? Who are these crazy people living around here in such a beautiful place? It doesn’t make any sense. What’s wrong with them?”  Don’t’ they understand that it isn’t any good to say, “Well, I live in a beautiful place. I mean after all. What you’re saying is you don’t see any acorns in Acorn Lane? You’re not looking hard enough.” And I’m thinking, “maybe that’s right.”

Dig it up because I’ve been to the acorn show and there aren’t any acorns around here. Not that I can see. An Acorn Lane would take an Acorn Lane tree which would be an oak tree. Zero oak trees to be found. Not here, leastwise. There must have been one here at one time. It’s about the ones that aren’t here now. Moving on.

But I think of Acorn Lane. It’s often in my thoughts wherever I am and it’s a blessing considering all the other things I have to think about that are vastly more confusing and complex. I get through everything because I’m tough. I’m a tough acorn. I have the little acorn hat and here I am falling to the ground, separated from my mother oak in the usual way. Hoping for germination is a very confident little acorn down here. I’m an acorn. It’s me. I’m free. I’m back. We’re everywhere all the time. Acorns are us! Acorn Lane!

Finally, I understand what Acorn Lane is about. Motivation. Acorn Lane represents motivation. I need to say it twice because I need it, need motivation.  Motivation motivation!!

Now I know. Acorn Lane. You know what? I’d pay to see it again. One thing I really like is it’s highly unlikely I’m going to run into somebody around here who stops, focuses in, says, “I know you! You owe me 42 million dollars!” And runs off. And even if it did happen I’d do what I always do, without exception, flee the scene myself, but in a leisurely way. No panic. Some derelict gambler. It’s just the creativity talking.

It’s been a beautiful few months and a fine summer and everything is looking good on Acorn Lane. I don’t know, it’s silly, but I remember the great Fats Domino. And I don’t mind that I might be a bit chubby because Fats validates me and I’m definitely looking for some of him next time at the Free Store. Fat chance.

This Just In From Acorn Lane