Waveney Road

It’s the only way to go. Wave royally as you pass. It’s beautiful. It’s tiny. The name’s English. That’s my guess. Like the Waveney Valley. River Waveney. Suffolk. Norfolk. All folks. Just learned that on the interwebs. That’s why this site’s so educational. I’ll do all the looking up and you can sit back and enjoy the ride with a nice cup of tea. Welcome.

I don’t know. I never thought about Waveney Road too much. It was just a name and a number but it’s a quick study and just takes a few seconds. It’s better than sitting for a whole exam.

It’s fun down here. It’s great to be back in the valley. We’re looking forward to the ice melting and the bears flying away for the summer so we can get up into the high country too where there’s many a varied mystery road. Be in touch about that.

It’s great over here. It’s Waveney Road. It’s hysterical. Boom-da-da-boom and that’s it. Finish.

As a quick aside it is actually pretty darn cool when the bears fly out. They gather at the car stop or the community bus picks them up and down they go to the dock to load onto the bombers.

Every spring there’s a lot of good natured jostling and lumbering and snorfling around  because every bear on the island has had many months in hibernation to dream about this annual rite.

All right I admit it. It’s a silly joke, but I didn’t start it. Maybe there should be a few bears over here. Maybe people wouldn’t go out in the woods so much and maybe there’d be some woods left. Maybe you can nail me for some of this but not that. Not the bears. No way.

I’m riding in the back seat and it’s like why bother? Bad attitude but it’s the way I feel and I’m just not myself this afternoon. I keep hearing, “It’s okay. You’re amongst friends.” What in the world is that supposed to mean? Am I free to go? No. I’ve been kidnapped. They got the child locks on and seem pretty amused with themselves. Them and their little excursions. Probably because in the past I actually have bailed.

I’m like a caged grizzly back here. Hear me roar. Do grizzlies roar? I saw it on TV. They can get noisy. The memories come creeping in like the tide. Where was I? Oh yeah, Waveney Road. I’m on Waveney Road and as the old song says, “wondering why.”

Some fine sunset-facing properties down here and but a hen’s breath from glamorous Sunset Boulevard. In fact Waveney Road and the Boulevard intersect. The intersection’s mostly pretty sedate and non-hectic which I’m pretty sure is the way the locals like it. Just fine with me too. I’m Rick Steeves. Next stop Guanajuato! City of fountains!

That’s what travel is. If it was too much work you wouldn’t do it. Like heading for Newfoundland tonight. Forget it. Or Calgary. Remember when you’d just get in the car and drive through the night to Calgary just for fun? I did it once and it was fun but I don’t know if I’d do it again. Not sure. No is probably the safe answer. I’m just not as crazed as I used to be.

I remember guys used to drive to Calgary just to get in some big car accident and get their face rearranged a little. I don’t think that sort of thing’s as popular as maybe it once was. Could be good. I wasn’t in the car that night so I can’t say for sure what happened.

I’ve no doubt there’s more than meets the eye to Waveney Road. There has to be because otherwise, you know, it’s over pretty quick. We’re running out of time and running out of Waveney Road. I’m okay with it. It’s been great. If it didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t be interested, but here it is, short and sweet.

Image courtesy Waveney Valley website